Vecta Oil & Gas, Ltd.

Vecta is a leader in applying multicomponent seismic to oil and gas exploration. We have used nine-component (9C) seismic data to explore for hydrocarbons in clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks located in western North America. We have drilled multiple locations that were successful in finding reservoir rocks in areas where reservoir-quality rocks are not detectable using conventional P-wave seismic. Combining P-wave and S-wave data allows interpretations of subsurface lithologies that can be critical in successfully drilling certain reservoirs.

Vecta’s business model is to generate, partner in, and participate in exploration programs in which our unique seismic capabilities offer the chance of reducing exploration risk. We have working relationships with many independent E&P companies and continue to seek new opportunities where our unique skills can high-grade a project.

  • Independent oil and gas exploration company
  • Leaders in multi-component seismic acquisition and exploration methods
    – In-house acquisition and interpretation
    – Own and operate multi-component seismic sources and receivers
    – Seismic processing, reprocessing, and interpretation
  • Fully capable exploration staff
    – Geophysical acquisition and interpretation
    – Geological and petrophysical exploration
    – Land and leasing
    – Operations
  • Offices in Houston, Texas and in Denver, Colorado

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