About Vecta

Vecta Oil & Gas Ltd. (VOG) is an oil and gas exploration company that for the past several years has concentrated on successfully exploring and exploiting conventional reservoirs. Each project has been chosen to offer excellent upside reserve potential relative to the capital needed to prove up each concept. Vecta’s projects target oil, natural gas and helium.

Vecta employs a talented group of proven hydrocarbon-finder geoscientists with extensive experience in originating high-impact prospective trends, as well as experienced land and engineering professionals. Vecta is constantly developing new trends and is often seeking industry partners at various stages of development for each one.


VOG’s strength lies in its employees and advanced geophysical and geological capabilities.  Our small team of four geophysicists collectively can compete with major oil-company geophysical staffs.  Our professional geologic staff of four is recognized within the industry and has experience throughout all of North America. These geoscientists allow VOG to create its projects in-house and to be an early mover in newly developing resource plays.  VOG uses advanced petrophysical and geophysical tools and has developed in-house seismic methods unavailable to the rest of the industry. Key capabilities include the acquisition and interpretation of full vector wave-form seismic (9C-3D, or multi-component seismic), and the reprocessing and reinterpretation of existing seismic.

While Vecta is primarily engaged in prospect generation, it is also has full operations capabilities.


In order to mitigate risk VOG uses a portfolio approach, working a variety of trends with differing geologic and geophysical characteristics.  By developing, testing, and proving the risk-reductive solutions for each trend, Vecta then controls the key to developing each of these trends.  Furthermore, Vecta is able to leverage this knowledge to unlock trends of similar geologic nature. Vecta “sells down” each project in order to spread its dollars across our portfolio.